• River The Great Gathering

    Clean water for Hopi

    Date: This project began in January of 2012 and is ongoing. Project Name: Clean Water for Hopi Location: Village of Shungopavi Hopi, Second Mesa Arizona Summary:  The creation of this new clean water supply will enable the community… Read More

  • Computer Volunteer

    Technology & Education

    TGG is taking the first steps to create a program to enable lower income and indigenous communities to build economic growth by providing them with the hardware and technology necessary to operate in a technological world. Project Name:… Read More

  • SouthAfrica Cultural Exchange The Great Gathering

    South Africa KhoiSan

    Above: Elder in the Kalahari Desert Dawid Krouper. Below: KhoiSan Traditional Healer and his wife near the Kalahari Desert. Date: 2009 to today. Location: South Africa Summary: For many years now TGG had built a relationship with the… Read More

  • Archeology Gathering

    Date: April 2012 Location: Hawaii (Society for American Archeology) www.saa.org Summary:  TGG supported three Hopi people from Arizona to travel to speak at the Society of American Archeology. This gathering allows for traditional people to meet and network… Read More

  • Dogon

    Cultural Exchange: Africa

    Date: January 2011 Location: Burkia Faso (West Africa). Summary:  In 2011 we traveled to West Africa, Burkina Faso, to meet with the Dogon people. We began our journey in the Capital city of Ouagadougou and then traveled to… Read More

  • Part of our Cultural Exchange Program from 2011

    Hopi and His Holiness the Dalai Lama

    Date: May 2011 Location: New York area. Summary: A gathering of Elders took place at an event in May of 2011 in two locations in the New York area. The Hopi were invited to this meeting and through… Read More

Past Projects

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The Great Gathering Grass

Hopi meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Archeology Gathering

Africa Dogon

South African KhoiSan

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The Great Gathering

A new way to Power the Planet? Bloom Box

A new way to Power the Planet? A shiny box, containing Fuel Cells, claims to be the answer for one of the most serious problems that human race is facing now: Clean energy sources. The “Bloom Box”, a… Read More

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The Great Gathering

Our Languages are dying

If you think language makes you human, then take note. Although there are currently about 7,000 languages spoken on our planet, this number is projected to fall to less than half that number by 2100. That means that every… Read More

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The Great Gathering

Monsanto: The weed that we must stop.

There’s a lot of information about Monsanto. Most of the times it’s not easy to read or to understand all what we found on the web about it. Too many links or too many dates makes everything very… Read More

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Statement on Fukushima read by Chief Arvol Looking Horse and Elders

In late September, Indigenous Elders and Medicine People of North and South America united for four days in sacred ceremony in Green Grass, South Dakota. The significance of this meeting is profound. Its outcome is the Statement which… Read More

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