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    Villagers of Shungopavi Hopi in Second Mesa Arizona do not have access to clean drinking water

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The creation of this new clean water supply will enable the community to fill cooking and drinking water containers for their homes at no cost. Currently many people buy bottled water in an attempt to stay healthy. This is very expensive and in reality most people can not afford to pay for water. For every dollar that we collect we are able to supply clean water for more people. If we gathered enough funding we could in fact bring this system to more than one Village. The Village of Shungopavi serves a total of 280 homes. This is approximately 1500 people. Long term impact is to supply clean water to 1500 people to support good health both now and for future generations.
The objective is to provide these communities with new computer equipment, servers, networks and websites, and the training and knowledge necessary to use this technology to monetize their products and services in the global marketplace; as well as to create a micro-economy for their tried and community. Technology has been a major set back for indigenous tribes and lower income communities. They’re knowledge about technology and the use thereof has been severely crippled because of many factors. Primarily with the lack of funding associated with their educational programs giving them access to these critical tools.