The Great Gathering Mission

Restore and re-balance the benevolent symbiotic relationship between Humanity and Earth by promoting sustainability and balanced living; connecting individuals and organizations for joint endeavors; inspiring people to take personal action for the betterment of their family, their environment, their community, and the world at large; creating and funding humanitarian and environmental projects designed to create perpetual positive change; and empowering change-agents to create novel solutions through cross-pollination of ancient wisdom and scientific expertise within and between inter-related disciplines.

To accomplish this mission, TGG will

Connect individuals and organizations together for non-sectarian, non-partisan humanitarian and environmental endeavors

Share educational tools through the TGG website, organized gatherings, and various projects.

Educate people around the world through the creation and funding of solution-based hands-on, volunteer-based humanitarian and environmental restoration projects

Encourage cross-pollination of knowledge and understanding—from the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples to the cutting-edge expertise of modern scientists, within and between related areas and disciplines—to develop solution-based sustainable practices and practical inventions

Empower people around the world to voice their concerns and share their wisdom to help restore balance to the Earth and its inhabitants, while simultaneously restoring their dignity and profound relevance in the modern era

Inspire people to act with awareness, by promoting role-models for sustainable behavior and balanced living

Motivate proactive, self-reproducing societal and environmental change by employing the Pay-It-Forward model as a resource. requirement for project funding. Project progress, outcome, and proliferation will be documented and publicly shared on the TGG website

Unite people around the world with each other and the Earth by promoting the principles of human and environmental inter-dependence. For Life to thrive, while still allowing for ample human progress, it’s imperative to acknowledge and accept the unifying thread of connectedness between “the self,” the collective “others,” and the Whole—which encompasses every living thing on Earth, and all of its natural resources


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