Endangered Species of the South China Tiger

The South China Tiger is the smallest subspecies of tiger and currently one of the most critically endangered. During the 1950s, it was estimated that there were well over 4,000 South China [...]

Saving the Rainforests to Save the World

Here at the Great Gathering, we understand that one of the biggest environmental challenges in our lifetime is saving the Brazilian rainforest from destruction.

Education Benefits of Home Schooling

The rise in popularity of alternative forms of education, especially home schooling, is none too surprising. With the ability to tailor to your child's needs,

Eco-Construction for Greener Homes

A wise homebuilder will want to build a home that addresses the need for sustainable living. There are a number of ways for a homeowner to go about this important work.

Harvesting Water from Fog

Throughout the Southwestern region of the United States and many other parts of the world, water shortage is a large and complicated issue due to dry climates and limited water systems. To make [...]

Heirloom Seeds and Why You Should Use Them

Agribusinesses have poured millions of dollars into creating seed varieties that are more productive and more resistant to pests. These varieties are designed for large-scale, mostly mechanical farming

Indigenous People Ask Us to Value Our Environment

The threat of climate change has also created a platform for indigenous voices to once again speak truth to power and address the world’s population. Indigenous voices are insisting we change our [...]

Our World is Facing a Water Crisis

In the developed world, most people think nothing of turning on a tap and dispensing clean, safe water. Unfortunately, that's a luxury the rest of the world can't afford-

Increased Poverty Creates the Need for Charity

As poverty increases, so too does the need for charity. Today, even in a nation as prosperous as the United States, 46.5 million people live at or below the poverty line.