Aging populations are a social issue not a health issue.

The demographics of the world are shifting, perhaps more dramatically than they have done at any other point in human history. A combination of increased longevity and a decrease in fertility rates

How Reducing Meat in the Diet Helps the Environment

Many people can feel helpless when they look at the extent of the environmental issues that are facing the world today and realize just how big the problem is.

Seeking Volunteer Writers

Tips for Reducing Gas Consumption

Everyone is now aware of the fact that increased burning of fossil fuels has been linked to climate change and to air pollution, and one of the biggest offenders in this category

Ethical Shopping for the Home

Most people are aware nowadays about ethical food shopping. Buying organic, local foods that have been sustainably grown or raised is important for the environment,

Wise Water Use Around the Home and Garden

With extreme droughts like those in California and many states reporting that they are in "water stress" conditions, what you do around your home and yard is more important than ever.

The Argument for Buying Local, Organic Food

Buying local organic food means that you are financially supporting sustainable farming practices that commit to healthy soil, wise water usage,

Herbal Remedies: Are They Safe?

Herbal therapy is more popular -- and accessible -- than ever before. However, as with any course of treatment, there are benefits and drawbacks

Solar Power is it the future?

One of the best ways that the average homeowner can make a difference to the environment is to become less dependent on fossil fuels for energy needs.