Colombian Mamos Gathering Sponsorship

This project will impact the entire Mamo community which consists of Kogui, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamo communities. Approximately 70-100 thousand people are part of these indigenous traditional [...]

KhoiSan Bushman Endangered Language Project (South Africa)

At the age of 82, Ouma Katrina, a KhoiSan Elder, is determined to preserve, teach, and speak her ancestral language of NU. Her parents were Bushmen who raised her in the old ways in the [...]

Sacred Site: Restoration and Maintenance Project (Northern Arizona)

This project ensures the safety of ancient cultural artifacts and the people that care for, and use them. The sacred site/building that holds ceremonial significance for a nation of people is [...]

Colombia: Indigenous Cultural Support (Liaison)

A young Indigenous man from Colombia has been traveling the world speaking about the stewardship of the earth. Sharing warnings of negative outcomes on earth if people do not change their ways. [...]

Colombia Indigenous Kogui Mamos Sept 2014 Expedition

Most indigenous communities that are still following an ancient way or life, or, carrying on sacred ceremonies, to gain understanding and trust takes time. We have traveled to Colombia 9 times in [...]