Green Cleaning: Why Clean is the New Dirty

This may sound counter-intuitive, but many of the general cleaning supplies you use around the house are actually "dirty." This is mostly in the sense that these everyday household products [...]

The Health Impacts of Environmental Pollution

Many detractors of the environmental movement would have us believe that this struggle is a sort of contest which pits the rights and needs of the environment against the rights and needs of [...]

Health Consequences of Pesticide Exposure

Since the advent of modern agricultural practices, a movement which was greatly accelerated after World War II, pesticide use has been pervasive and widespread

Aging populations are a social issue not a health issue.

The demographics of the world are shifting, perhaps more dramatically than they have done at any other point in human history. A combination of increased longevity and a decrease in fertility rates

Herbal Remedies: Are They Safe?

Herbal therapy is more popular -- and accessible -- than ever before. However, as with any course of treatment, there are benefits and drawbacks