Colombia: Indigenous Cultural Support (Liaison)

A young Indigenous man from Colombia has been traveling the world speaking about the stewardship of the earth. Sharing warnings of negative outcomes on earth if people do not change their ways. [...]

Colombia Indigenous Kogui Mamos Sept 2014 Expedition

Most indigenous communities that are still following an ancient way or life, or, carrying on sacred ceremonies, to gain understanding and trust takes time. We have traveled to Colombia 9 times in [...]

South Africa KhoiSan Cultural Exchange

For many years now TGG had built a relationship with the KhoiSan people of South Africa. The purpose was to gain a deeper understanding of who the KhoiSan are as a people and communicate directly

Hopi Archeology Gathering 2012

TGG supported three Hopi people from Arizona to travel to speak at the Society of American Archeology. This gathering allows for traditional people to meet and network with other tribes, groups

Cultural Exchange: Dogon Tribe Africa

In 2011 we traveled to West Africa, Burkina Faso, to meet with the Dogon people. We began our journey in the Capital city of Ouagadougou and then traveled to the bush to meet with a community [...]

Hopi and His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Location: New York area. Summary: A gathering of Elders took place at an event in May of 2011 in two locations in the New York area. The Hopi were invited to this meeting and through your [...]