Clean Water Free of Arsenic Project: Arizona

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Clean water free of arsenic project: Arizona

Project Name: Clean Water Arizona   (ongoing project)
Project number: EP002
Location: Second Mesa, Arizona

Summary: There are high levels of arsenic in the water throughout Northern ArizonaWe have an ongoing project to bring clean water to Second Mesa, Arizona. This will enable the community to fill cooking and drinking water containers for their homes at no cost. Currently many people buy bottled water in an attempt to stay healthy.

How many people will this project support?

The community serves a total of 280 homes. This is approximately 1500 people.

The issue

To supply clean drinking water to the people of Second Mesa, Arizona. Our goal is to complete this project and use it as a pilot project to bring the same or similar systems to other communities in the region.

The solution

The people are pleased to hear that we are working on this and that we care enough to take action, with the goal to provide clean water for them and their children.

Potential long term impact

Long term impact is to supply clean water to 1500 people to support good health.

Volunteers needed

The only volunteers we are able to work with on this project would be professionals and experts in water, arsenic and filtrations systems. If you are interested in working with us please email us and be sure to put the name of this project in the subject line.

How you can help

We need to purchase expensive filtration systems, hire professionals to install and educate the people of the community on how to maintain the system.

300 dollars will purchase one household a filter system with backup filter.

This is an ongoing project. Your support continues to bring clean water to more homes in Northern Arizona.

Thank you for your support.
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