Colombian Mamos Gathering Sponsorship

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Online fundraising for Colombian Mamos Gathering Sponsorship

Colombian Mamos Gathering Sponsorship

Project Name: Indigenous Peoples Gathering
Project Number: CE006
Location: Colombia, South America
Summary: This project will fulfill the need of Mamos (indigenous traditional, spiritual authorities) of Columbia to travel between their village communities so that they can discuss and prioritize problems and solutions to ongoing issues such as cultural retention, language, cultural education. The funds will be specifically used for transportation, accommodation and nourishment.

How many people will this project support?
This project will impact the entire Mamo community which consists of Kogui, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamo communities. Approximately 70,000 -100,000 people are part of these indigenous traditional linages. Most of whom still live in traditional huts in remote villages through out La Sierra Nevada, de Santa Marta mountain range.
Here is a good overview of who the Kogui are from Wikepedia.
Here is a good overview of who the Arhuaco are from Wikepedia. 

The issue
The Mamos have asked to have the ability to hold meetings and gatherings so they can work together spiritually to find solutions to ongoing problems and ensure the continuation of their culture. Due to the change in modern environment that currently surrounds them, they need help with travel and basic needs of travel, such as food expenses to be provided.  

The solution
Due to the isolation and lack of finances (they live in huts and are not part of our monetary system) travel between villages is arduous and expensive. Funding will enable a continuous flow of local problem solving by the traditional leaders and community representatives. Thus protecting their way of life, culture and belief systems for future generations.

Potential long term impact:
Self determination will be the most empowering effect of travel between villages and will affect all members of the Mamo’s communities. The impact on future generations is clearly the focus of these traditional indigenous people in order to ensure the continuation of educatation for their youth in traditional knowledge, language, ceremonies and daily life.

How you can help
Funding is needed at this time to make it possible to pay for travel, lodging and food of the Mamos. With smaller donations it will be possible to help a few Mamos travel but what they are really looking for and what they have been requesting, is funding to make a larger gathering for their people. The cost of such a large gathering would be in the range of $20 – 30,000 dollars. This would enable elders to be flown in to participate in the spiritual work the Mamos have been asking to make possible.

If you would like to make a larger donation to this project please contact us directly for more details at

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