Hopi Archeology Gathering 2012

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Hopi The Great Gathering

Hopi Archeology Gathering 2012

Date: April 2012 (Completed)

Project number: CE001


Hawaii (Society for American Archeology)


TGG supported three Hopi people from Arizona to travel to speak at the Society of American Archeology. This gathering allows for traditional people to meet and network with other tribes, groups and individuals from around North America to learn from each other and expand resources and support for each other.

How many people did this project support?

This project supported a tribe of seven thousand people. It also shares techniques with other tribes all over North America the methods of maintaining and caring for ancient artifacts and knowledge of Indigenous people.

The issue

Seeking to resolve issues of how to care for and protect ancient knowledge of traditional people as well as protect historical sites and artifacts that are of value to maintain for future generations to learn from.

The solution

The goal of the journey for this project was to learn as much as possible from the society on how to maintain and preserve history with accuracy.

Potential long term impact

The long term impact is to protect and maintain ancient knowledge and artifacts for future generations to gain knowledge from.


The three representatives that travelled to this event reported that the presentation they gave was a success. They were asked to create a book that would enable other tribes to follow the same techniques to preserve traditional knowledge and artifacts. They also made many new contacts whom they can now collaborate with for future work to preserve and protect sacred traditional artifacts and knowledge.

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