Technology & Education Program

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Technology & Education Program

This program enables lower income and indigenous communities to build economic growth by providing them with the hardware and technology necessary to operate in a technological world.

Program name: Technology & Education
Number: ED001
Location: Determined by location of the community.


The objective is to provide communities with new computer equipment, servers, networks and websites. Supply training to use this technology to monetize their products and services in the global marketplace.

How many people will this project support? 

The more technology we are able to provide with the necessary technical and business training, the more people we support.

The issue 

Technology has been a major set back for indigenous tribes and lower income communities. Our goal is to enable people and communities to create businesses and revenue streams that will sustain families and communities through online channels. We recognize that technology is a delicate matter in Indigenous communities. Our goal is to give them a tool to sell their unique arts and crafts to the world. This supports lower income people and Indigenous to stay in their communities and with their families rather than having to migrate to cities.

The solution

This project will benefit the communities we serve by providing them with the tools and resources necessary for them to function in a technological time.

Potential long term impact

The long term impact of this program is to create economic growth and jobs through which communities gain self sustainability by supplying the tools necessary to compete in a technology based society.

This is an ongoing program that will require set up, training and follow up to ensure the system continues to support communities to thrive.

How you can help
– Funding for technology equipment. Computers, equipment and tech support. 
– Volunteers skilled in IT and technology to work with TGG and the communities in which we serve.

Volunteers needed

We are currently seeking individuals interested in working on creating the necessary tools and resources we would need to create these projects around the USA and the world. Technology experts in marketing, web building. Business professionals to support setting up a small business.

Funding needed for

Computers, laptops, IT programs, hosting and online costs, travel for either IT support or the people we are educating in building the online income sources. Payment for professionals to create step by step programs for that enable these indigenous people to be technologically empowered and self sustainable by setting up and maintaining online businesses and thus be able to maintain their cultural enheritance.

Thank you for your support.
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