The Great Gathering of Humanity
One Voice, One People, One Earth

TGG’s mission is to create and support projects and programs that build sustainability and balanced living through humanitarian, environmental, social and cultural projects.

Connecting individuals and organizations together for non sectarian, non partisan humanitarian and environmental endeavors.

Sharing educational informational tools through the TGG website and organized gatherings.

Educating people through creating and sharing solution-based hands-on, volunteer based humanitarian and environmentally restorative projects.

Encouraging cross pollination of knowledge and understanding from the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples to the cutting edge expertise of modern scientists.

Supporting indigenous peoples around the world to voice their concerns and share their wisdom to help restore balance to the Earth and its inhabitants.

Inspiring people to act with awareness, by promoting role models for sustainable behavior and balanced living.

Uniting people around the world with each other and the Earth by promoting the principles of human and environmental interdependence. Protection Status
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