The Great Gathering of Humanity
Indigenous Leaders of Our World

We welcome our indigenous brothers and sisters from around the world and invite them to join their hands and hearts with ours so we may walk as one into the future.

Now is the time to reunite to help heal the heart of humanity.

The people of the world need to remember who they are and begin to live in balance with the Earth once more.

Those sacred people who are following their traditional ways and those who are in the cities around the world that hold the same heart must now step forward as one voice to speak to the world.

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There will come a time when man does not understand the difficulties that he is having with money and the material world. That time is now. There are people all over the earth who are waiting for the Great Gathering of the Indigenous and the world to begin. We are now ready to hear the instructions of the sacred people so humanity knows how to move through this special time of change.

The people of Earth are ready to hear your voices and we are here to support that voice.

We are creating a space to give to you, the original people of Earth, a voice that can be carried around the world. We invite you to share your messages from the heart and your instructions for bringing back the balance of life. Together the Sacred can be restored.

These words can be created in writing or in video. They will not be altered or changed and they will remain your property.

These times are special and so we, the people at The Great Gathering, are here as volunteers to give you the space for what you feel is important. We give to you honor and respect as the original caretakers of Earth and recognize the importance of your wisdom and leadership as we move into the future.

There are many of us around the world that are working to create change and respect for Mother Earth. We are from all countries, cities, villages, races, religions and beliefs and we support you.

We are calling all the colors of the rainbow to show their support to the true and original people of Earth. We are now awaiting your instructions so we may begin to repair the heart of the earth and its people.

Together we will reunite the two worlds and walk as one. We are united in our hearts now and can feel and hear the call to come together for the future of our children.

All the people working on The Great Gathering will be working hard to create this space for you to come forward with the respect and honor you deserve.

Through our Cultural Exchange program we have opportunity to learn from your wisdom supporting the heart of our planet.

When the original people of earth speak as one, from their hearts, the world will listen.

Contact us if you are ready to join with us or would like to send a message to share with the world: 

Statement on Fukushima read by Chief Arvol Looking Horse and Elders

Indigenous Elders and Medicine People of North and South America united for four days in sacred ceremony in Green Grass, South Dakota. The significance of this meeting is profound. Its outcome is the Statement which Chief Looking Horse delivers in his native Lakota language,

Colombia: Arhuacho Mamos (Indigenous)

According to the vision and knowledge of the mountain ranges inhabitants, the Mamos and Sagas, the Spiritual Fathers of everything that exists dwell amongst the mountain range in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Protection Status
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