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The Great Gathering believes that through creating grass-roots projects, programs, sharing and education, together, we have the ability to create a sustainable future. In each one of the intentions areas, we produce articles and information in each subject area to support and educate on grass roots sustainability.

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Green Cleaning: Why Clean is the New Dirty

This may sound counter-intuitive, but many of the general cleaning supplies you use around the house are actually "dirty." This is mostly in the sense that these everyday household products contain harmful toxins

The Health Impacts of Environmental Pollution

Many detractors of the environmental movement would have us believe that this struggle is a sort of contest which pits the rights and needs of the environment against the rights and needs of humans, with a gain on one side being a loss for the other.

Hay Bale Housing

As the world grows more populous and the gap between the highest and lowest socioeconomic levels of society grow wider, one of the great challenges to human rights activists and environmentalists alike remains trying to produce safe, decent [...]

Lack of Education Creates Poverty

Economic disparity both in the United States and across the globe has become a matter for continued conversation and debate, especially in recent years. And even without research or statistics to back it up, most people are well aware of the [...]

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