Hopi and His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Hopi and His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Date: May 2011 (Completed)
Location: New York area.

A gathering of elders took place at an event in May of 2011 in two locations in the New York area. The Hopi were invited to this meeting and through your generous donations we were able to make arrangements for three Hopi to attend along with one helper. This was for the purpose of cultural exchange to discuss world issue regarding the natural world.

How many people will this project support?

This project impacted communities around the world. Every elder as well as attendee was able to gain insights and deeper understanding of how to balance the natural world in relation to the material world.

The issue

Seeking to gain insight into how we can support one another, communities and people around the world to make the right choices and protect natural resources for future generations.

The solution

All solutions begin with gaining deeper understanding of what the issues are and then making plans to educate or change the way in which we currently work within a system. These gatherings support seeking and building on these solutions.

Potential long term impact

The long term impact is stronger relations with the elders that attend and more communication. It also supports more education between the traditional communities and the world.

List of needs

There are no needs since this is a past project. Although further travel is being worked on with other projects.

Volunteers needed: There are no needs for volunteers for this past project.


Since this meeting there have been several gatherings that have taken place all over the world. Many of them involving the Mamos of Colombia and their dedicated hard work.

Also, there is a group of traditional people who have worked to create a “water circle” to protect the water in Canada and have made great progress in protecting waterways in their region.

The effect of this initial meeting has has impact around the world and inspired people, groups and elders to work closely together to restore balance to the natural world and our relationship with it.

Update: 2015
This initial project has impacted indigenous people and supporters of indigenous around the world. We have learned of many tribes that heard about this gathering and were impacted due to the Hopi’s and Mamos presence. With the focus of those present at this meeting being on water and the preservation of life, the impact has spiraled to create large and small gatherings, books, films and inspiration for potentially millions of people to care for our Earth.

One specific body of work that was inspired by this meeting can be found in Canada. A group of amazing women have worked on a sacred water circle for years. Inspired by the messages that came from this project, sponsored by The Great Gathering.

Please take time to look at the Sacred Water Circle and maybe even get involved. They are a remarkable group. Link HERE 

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