Each of our projects falls within one of our four pillars 

Supporting grass roots projects and programs to cultivate economic and
environmental sustainability for future generations.

The Great Gathering Environment

Environmental Projects

Our environmental projects assist communities to clean their environment. We connect like-minded organizations and individuals for joint endeavors that focus on humanitarian and environmental programs that promote sustainability. We create grass roots projects supported by volunteers, documented and shared as inspirational and educational tools.

The Great Gathering Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange Projects

These projects facilitates meetings between culturally diverse groups (such as indigenous people and modern scientists), to support and create cross-pollination of knowledge and understanding. The aim of these meetings is to enable the world’s ancient indigenous cultures to communicate their needs to whom it may concern, so we can support their communities to preserve their way of life.

The Great Gathering Social Exchange

Social Exchange Programs

We are creating an online social hub for you to have cross-cultural, cross-continental, and cross-generational dialogue with other like minded individuals and groups. This interactive website will be a place where we share insights on regional problem-solving techniques and advertise your grassroots improvement projects.

Economic Monetary growth, The Great Gathering

Economic Growth Projects

These projects provide modern technology to communities, who can use that to generate economic growth. We can alleviate poverty by assisting these communities to be self-reliant. We have a grassroots approach for economic growth, which is based on understanding of traditional indigenous knowledge and how that relationship connects with the natural world for sustainable future needs.

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