Sacred Site: Restoration and Maintenance Project (Northern Arizona)

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This project was funded in the amount of $10,152.oo of the original estimate amount needed. We are grateful to the donor who supported this project offline.

Once this project is underway we will know if more funding is still needed to complete the restoration of this one building.

The people and tribe of this building are very grateful!

This tribe would like to restore their entire ancient village. This project is the first step in this process.

This tribe has plans to continue the restoration of their entire ancient village.
Please donate to our organization to continue the work started with this first building.

Thank you, Miriam Delicado
Executive Director, Founder.

 Sacred Site: Restoration and Maintenance Project (Northern Arizona)

Project name: Traditional Ceremonial Building Repair
Project number: CE005
Location: Northern Arizona
Summary: The aim of this project is to ensure the safety of ancient cultural artifacts and the people that care for, and use them. The sacred site/building that holds ceremonial significance for a nation of people is structurally compromised and must be rebuilt as soon as possible. There is a dangerous rick that one of the walls of this building, that is hundreds of years old, may cave in putting ceremonial artifacts and lives at risk.

How many people will this project supports?
This project will affect up to 1,500 directly and up to 15,000 people  indirectly both today as well as future generations.

The issue
Safety is the priority of this project. The safety for the people that enter the building and protecting the items housed there. It will also ensure continued protection and preservation of a culture that is thousands of years old.

The solution
This building is currently at risk of one of the walls caving in. Once the building is made structurally sound, maintenance will become much easier and the safety of sacred items will be ensured.

Potential long term impact
The ancient culture of traditional people that is thousands of years old will be protected. Enabling their ceremonies and way of life to be protected and continue through culture, ceremonies, language and way of life.

Volunteers needed
Due to the sensitive cultural and sacred nature of this project, it will be supported in part by volunteers who are responsible for the care and protection of this sacred space within the culture itself. If there is a need for expert advisors or experts in a specific area we will announce this as it is determined.

How you can help
Your donations will be used to buy materials, tools as well as paying for labor to complete this project in a timely fashion.

Building materials needed: $5,352
Wages 2-3 weeks 2 people: $4,400

Total funding needed:        $10,152

This funding will be the first phase of this project to rebuild walls and floors of this ancient building. Due to the scope of the work that needs to be done, two full time workers need to be brought in to complete the work in a timely manner. It will also have volunteers from the community working on this project as well.

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