Wise Water Use Around the Home and Garden

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It was Mark Twain who said that whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting – and that appears to be more prophetic than he probably realized at the time. With extreme droughts like those in California and many states reporting that they are in “water stress” conditions, what you do around your home and yard is more important than ever. Here are some simple ways to treat your water wisely (and save a ton on your water bill as well!).

Wise Water Use in the Home

  • Make sure that the washing machine and dishwasher are completely full before doing a load. Lots of small loads will use much more water than a few big ones will.
  • Take quick showers instead of baths to cut down on water usage.
  • Invest in products like low-flow toilets and water-conserving shower-heads. There is a great selection of these products on www.eartheasy.com
  • When brushing your teeth, turn the water off after you have wet your tooth brush then turn it back on again when you are ready to rinse.
  • When washing delicate dishes like wine glasses by hand, use a dishpan to do this instead of letting the water run while you are washing.
  • Check your home for leaks in faucets or pipes to help cut down on wasting water. If you are unsure, check your water meter for a period of two hours when there is no water use going on: if the meter moves, you probably have a leak.

Wise Water Use in the Yard and Garden

  • Plant native or drought-resistant plants in your garden and also be sure to use mulch to cut down on watering.
  • Instead of watering with sprinklers, invest in a drip irrigation system or soaker hoses, both of which conserve water while still nourishing your plants.
  • Install a rain catchment system to collect rainwater off your roof to use in the garden.
  • If you have a pond or creek on your property, consider installing a watering system to take advantage of this natural resource.
  • Create a rain garden in low-lying areas of your yard to help reduce storm run-off. The EPA has a wonderful PDF file with a guide to rain gardening for beginners.
  • Use a broom to sweep off driveways or sidewalks instead of cleaning them off with a hose.

These are all ways in which you can help conserve water in your own home and garden. This will not only contribute to a better, healthier world but you will find that it saves an amazing amount of money on your utility bills.

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